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Public-Private Partnerships        
  1. Improve the Shared Vision: When communities thrive, both the public sector (the people) and the private sector benefit.  By partnering with area businesses to improve local outcomes, we enhance neighborhoods as well as the businesses with a foothold in that neighborhood.  In my time as a business teacher at Auburn High School, I have partnered with area businesses and enterprises to improve local public-private partnerships.  When an engaged public sector connects with a profitable private sector, the community thrives.

  2. Simplify Bureaucracy and Regulation in Rockford: Rockford businesses and enterprises could benefit from less red-tape in the city.  The great impediment to a great idea is an over-burdensome regulatory environment.  While realizing the important function of regulation in defense of the citizens, the City Council must work to make Rockford an environment where business and entrepreneurial ideas can take off.  Simplifying city bureaucratic codes will be a top priority to create a better business climate in Rockford.

  3. Target the Triple-Bottom Line Ventures: When the public and private sectors both work to solve problems and identify projects that meet certain financial, social, and environmental criteria, this maximizes the benefits of public-private partnerships.  With Rockford's historic struggles in these different arenas as a proud Rust Belt city, opportunities abound for the public sector and the private sector to pool their resources to realize even greater benefit to the Rockford region.

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