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Roads & Infrastructure                 
  1. Road and Bridge Repair: Good roads are good for our economy.  Roads allow for a more fluid transport of products and goods as well as our own transport to our jobs, schools, and families.  We will not spend irresponsibly, but we must take care of our roads and repair damaged or worn roads to ensure solid transportation in our city in a 21st century economy.

  2. Pothole Repair: Ease of pothole reporting makes it more likely vigilent citizens will work to improve their neighborhood.  Once elected, I will set up a link on my web pages for pothole reporting with a response time analysis.  Our goal is to shorten the amount of time it takes to fix our roads and to improve our infrastructure.

  3. Road Repair Timelines: The old joke in the Midwest is there are two seasons: winter and construction.  Prolonged road repair projects can sometimes be hassle to our daily commutes.  As such, for all road projects in the 2nd Ward, a road repair timeline will be set up on my web page to enhance government transparency, an issue where our community has suffered in the last few years.

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