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Government Transparency          
  1. Where Our Tax Dollars Go: Rockford has some of the highest property taxes in the nation and when citizens do not feel they are getting in return what they are levied, government transparency becomes all the more important to ensure our taxes are not wasted and that they are spent wisely.  I will set up easy-to-read graphics that will inform the citizen where their hard-earned taxes go and what they fund.  Transparency is the friend of the citizen and I will work to ensure a cleaner, more efficient, and more citizen-friendly local government than we have known in Winnebago County recently—a government that we can be proud of.

  2. Alderman's Corner Articles: An informed electorate is the very foundation of a vibrant democracy.  Let's increase the quality of discussion and debate of policy issues in Rockford-- I will work with our local media organizations to more directly communicate with our citizens to better inform the voter.  Informed voters keep government honest, transparent, and efficient, and who could possibly be against that?

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